The Soldier's Way

Chapter 01
The Gnawing Murderer

Three years after the battle of Yavin, where the Death Star was destroyed by the Rebel Alliance, they established Echo Base on Hoth, the sixth planet in the Hoth system. Luke Skywalker turns out to be excellent pilot Yet they do not know they are being chased by the Empire lead by a powerful individual, his name Darth Vader.
Back at the Empire controlled Coruscant, Rebel soldiers are being interrogated by Sith apprentices to acquire information about Rebel Alliance bases and strategies. The Rebel Alliance are making efforts to retrieve their soldiers, but many of these efforts are in vain.

On an early morning (7:00 AM) Isaac Hackett wakes up from a good night of sleep at his apartment. He don’s his armor and grabs his rifle and makes his favorite tea, Wookie Special. As soon as he finished his beverage he walks out of his apartment door right into a Twi’lek man named Bacjuno. He seems to be distraught by some recent event that has happened. He asks Isaac if he heard something out of the ordinary, but Isaac replies that he hasn’t heard a thing. Isaac spots in the distance what seems to be a corpse in a pool of his own blood and two bystanders. As Isaac and Bacjuno move towards the corpse Isaac starts questioning the bystanders. Turns out that the Nautolan woman who seems to be petrified by this event hasn’t heard or seen anything and starts to cry from fear. Isaac comforts her and escorts her back into her room. When he starts to question the Ithorian male he gets the feeling that he is hiding something. The Ithorian tells him to meet him in his own apartment after a few hours. After investigating the corpse, it turns out that the Rhodian male has been bitten to death by a beast of some sort. As soon as he made this discovery, four stormtroopers and a captain walk out of the elevator. They ask what happened here, Isaac tells them what he knows and the soldiers start to analyze the corpse and discover that it has Transhodan bite marks on his body. Isaac hears something bleeping in his pocket. It’s his data-pad. When he takes it, it shows a video message of a 3d projection of the corpse with a moving headline which says: Murderer wanted dead or alive, bounty: 4000 credits.
With this knowledge, Isaac starts looking for the murderer. He visits the Ithorian male named Wem Nopreethun at his apartment on the floor level of the apartment-complex. Upon arrival he notices a very nervous Ithorian. When he gets invited in his room he tells him that the Scarvathui organization is behind this murder, because he noticed the mark on the dead Rhodian his shirt. He told that Scarvathui members could be found at the market square and saw Isaac out of his room sealing his door shut.
Isaac left for the market square and payed his friend a visit. When Isaac entered the store he got a pleasant surprise from Tal’dor, a Cerean male aged about 50 years old, who is his bounty agent. He hands Isaac bag of frag grenades for the job ahead. He tells him that a bounty of 4000 credits is on a murderers head and that he knows where to find him. He tells Isaac that the Scarvathui seems to frequent a house two doors down from here. With this information Isaac went there in order to investigate. The investigation led quickly to an intimidation. The store Isaac walked into was a gun shop and filled with grenades. He grabbed a frag grenade and threatened to blow this place sky high if he didn’t tell him where the Scarvathui hideout was. The Gammorrean feared his action, but people from the market square started to see what was happening. As soon as Isaac noticed this he put the grenade away and told he was merely joking. The bystanders walked away laughing and the Gammorrean didn’t think it was funny at all.
Isaac retired back to his apartment to wait for nightfall. As soon as the night arrived he ventured back to the Gammorrean his store. The door was locked but Isaac climbed on to the roof of the shop. He climbed up the ladder to the building next to the shop where he found a ladder leading into the building. He went down the stair and sneaked towards the shop, where he found a trapdoor. After opening the trapdoor he could see a 6 meter shaft leading towards a hallway. He took the stair down and started sneaking towards the end of the hall leading to a crossing. He found his way into the armory grabbing another three grenades. He saw a lizard like creature entering a room on the other end of the armory. Isaac checked three rooms where he could be. First room was empty, the second contained a men in his bed sleeping and the third contained a Bothan male who was awake and asked what he was doing here. Isaac replied that he was trying to flush out a traitor in the organization and showed a torn Scarvathui badge which he had acquired in the first room he checked. The Bothan agreed to help him. As they check the second room on the right he finds what looks like a Transhodan. Bhisk Gro smells the Rhodian victim on Isaac and ask if he encountered a Rhodian male corpse. And starts bragging about how he killed the Rhoadian. At the same time Isaac managed to get the admittance on record from Bhisk with his data-pad. As soon as Bhisk is done boasting Isaac throws a stun grenade to stun both Bhisk and the Bothan. The Bothan gets stunned but Bhisk managed to dodge the grenade. Bhisk takes a couple of shots at Isaac hurting him badly, but Isaac managed to kick the bed towards Bhisk and shoving his heavy blaster into his face and the head of Bhisk explodes when Isaac pulled the trigger.
Three other Scarvathui gang members came to check out what the hell was going on. They did some damage to Isaac but not enough to save them from death. Isaac escapes the underground hideout the same way he got in.
When Isaac sneaked out of the gun shop he noticed two stormtroopers with a prisoner in between. When the stormtroopers got closer they got shot by two other Rebel soldiers who were hiding behind some market stalls. As soon as the prisoner thinks it safe to run towards her friends she get blasted by a larger force of stormtroopers. Isaac immediately hides behind some food stalls asking what the hell is going on. Before he could reply the Rebel soldier gets shot knocking him unconscious. Isaac and the other Rebel soldier managed to drag him away from the battlefield and ran towards a hideout of the Rebels. The stormtroopers couldn’t find them and broke off the search.
The next morning, the Rebel soldiers introduced themselves: Robcolt Measlin, a human male and Jessale a human female. They were trying to rescue the prisoner but they have failed. Now they must return to their base of operations on Hoth and need a ship. Isaac mentioned he had a ship and said he would help them after he collected the bounty. They agreed to this and Isaac made his way to Tal’dor, his bounty agent. Tal’dor smiles as Isaac enters his shop and says: I believe you got the job done. The Scarvathui are in disarray, something got them spooked. Isaac hands over the datapad with the evidence of the murder and receives the 4000 credits of the bounty. Before he would go back to the hideout he visits his apartment one last time. When he enters the complex he notices that AT tape has been placed at the room of Wem Nopreethun. He ignores this and goes up to his room. When he enters his room he gets punched in the face by none other than Bacjuno. Bacjuno shouts that he should have killed him when he had the chance. But gets killed by Isaac instead by a blast from his rifle.

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